Our productive facility:

Rotors manufacturing
DC Motors and Gear motors final assembly
Brushless Motors assembly
Tooling production
Injection Moulding production
EPA Area for PCBs assembly


Rotors Manufacturing

The department of rotor manufacturing is composed by 5 fully automatic lines, dedicated to different rotor diameters.


Motors and Gear Motors Final Assembly

The production of motors and gear motors final assembly is made up of 24 assembly lines, that allow a big production flexibility to satisfy each demand of our Customers.


Brushless Motors Assembly

The production of brushless motors assembly is caracterized by the most modern technology for process control
 and complete EOL test.


Injection Moulding Production

To guarantee the quality of the technical plastic components used on our motors and gear motors, we produce most of them internally, in our injection moulding area.


EPA Area for PCBs Assembly into Motor

In our EPA area we can garantee an extremely high quality ESD compliance assembly process for our motors for PCB coating and
 PCB automatic welding.



An optimized material flow based on an efficient lean production model. More than 1.000 square meters raw materials and semi-finished products warehouse as well as additional 1.000 square meters finished products outbound stock surface.


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