Product Development

Product Design

Our internal design service with the availability of a vast range of technical and specialised instruments, has enabled us to develo
every kind of DC motor.
  • Design of CAD model in each format requested from customer
  • Software simulation for electromagnetic systems performance
  • Building FEM model
  • 3D mathematic model
  • Rapid Prototyping


Electromechanical R&D

Our electromechanical research and develpment department complete the product design with accurate tests driving every concept of DC motor to the best product development.

  • Structural analysis
  • Layout test


Product Development Path

  1. Preliminary analysis
  2. From concept to the product
  3. Validation test


Electronic R&D

  • Interface with our customers, that are driving our motors with ECU
  • Development of our own validation and testing equipments
  • Development of electronic boards integrated in our products
  • Development of drive units for BLDC motors


Validation and Testing

Most of validation test can be performed internally:
  • Drive unit for reliability tests, replicating customer’s life profile
  • EOL: performances, axial play and hall sensors signal
  • Bar to bar measurement
  • EMI test
  • Acoustic test
  • Electro mechanic performance
  • Climatic test
  • Life test
  • Salt spray test


Metrological Laboratory

Thanks to the completeness of the machines which are normally used in the laboratory we’re able to verify and to test the conformity of all our products to some specific technical procedures and product norms basically requested by our customers.



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