Your partner for Home and Office applications

Supporting our customers from feasibility to mass production since 1983.

Our company is internationally renewed for development, validation and testing, mass production of three core products in DC and BLDC versions: motors, gear-motors and blowers.

Your partner for Home and Office applications​
DC and BLDC home and office
DC and BLDC home and office


Home and Office Applications


Our products are customized for different applications: we manufacture motors and gear-motors for home, office and workshop desks. Motors are mounted into adjustable columns to bring the operator interface at the right height for ergonomics.

Bed and chairs applications


Our engineers have codesigned with our customers specific motors for the adjustment of beds and chairs.traditional 59 mm DC motors and innovative, efficient BLDC motors are desinged to improve weight, efficiencyand control.



Our motors and gear motors move hospital applications from long time ago. One of the first product produced in Electro-Parts are these motors that we assemble on a fully automated line that guarantee a very competitive takt-time with the best quality level. 



Our engineering have experience also in the design of motors and gear motors for pedestrian gates, sliding doors and other application for the house, like garage operators and barriers. In this family of product Electro-Parts is co-designing BLDC motors and gear-motors to improve the life of the product and reduce the power consumption.

The right noise and vibration level, the expected electromechanical performances with the best Quality and Service levels

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Bed and chairs applications
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Codesign with us, Electro-Parts moves your application!

IATF 16949​

IATF 16949

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