Research & Development

To prepare for future challenges in our business, we listen to our Customers and we support them with the outstanding expertise of our Team.

Motors production Research and Development
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Mechanical R&D​

Mechanical R&D

The Technical department is equipped with all the necessary tools to develop and fully customize the products. Starting from the Customer’s request, Electro-Parts could provide feasibility studies, preliminary design, simulations and  CAD design, from prototyping to mass production.

Electronic R&D

The Electronic Department leads the development of electronic boards to drive DC and BLDC motors. The products will interface Customers’ drivers and control units. Following the Customer Specific Requests the Team is involved in the design of validation and testing equipment, EOL testing.

Electronic R&D​
Testing Laboratory​

Testing Laboratory

Electro-Parts offers internal testing capabilities to support the customer during all phases of product life: preliminary feasibility, design and product validation, mass production.

The Laboratory is equipped with all necessary tools to measure preliminary EMC, noise level and mechanical performances.

Electro-Parts Laboratory


The metrological area is equipped with two coordinate measuring machines to reconstruct the surface of the components​ with great accuracy and precision. We compare the dimensions and geometry of the pieces with the required characteristics​ not only to assess their compliance to drawings, but also to highlight the influence of the process parameters on the ​ dimensional and geometric characteristics of the pieces, improving product and process development.

Visit our testing laboratory

In the video you can see part of our testing capabilities: 7 Climatic chambers, thermal shock, vibration test shaker in a climatic chamber, salt spray chamber, waterproof tester, acoustic characterization tester (semi anechoic chamber), electro-mechanical performance benches, EMC chamber.